Welcome to TransitionLaguna.org

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Transition Laguna Beach is a grass-roots organization involved in the installation of edible gardens; Complete Streets planning; and projects for water conservation and capture, energy conservation and generation, emergency preparedness, and homestead skills. We are part of a global movement that strives for each community to produce its own local food, water and energy, and to handle waste responsibly – all to create petroleum independence.  This slideshow describes what we do in, and what we hope for, Laguna Beach!


Check out our event page for this year’s Harvest Celebration!

Ongoing and Special Events

Transition Tuesdays

Join us as we celebrate at 6:30 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month with a Community Potluck and Featured Speaker.  We’ll develop our skills in and understanding of this year’s theme: PERMACULTURE!  Bring your own plate, cup, flatware, and a dish and beverage to share!  Event is free and open to everyone.

Transition Saturdays

The 3rd Saturday of each month is the time to take ACTION! Through hands-on activities, we will be applying the principles of permaculture while strengthening our community with great events like Garden Installations, DIY workshops, Educational Tours and more!  Bring your own plate, cup, flatware, and a dish and beverage to share!  Depending on the activity, you may need close-toed shoes, a hat, sunscreen, gloves, and/or tools.  Signup in advance is usually required.


Seedling sales, cooking classes, nature walks, and more!  Details on the Events Calendar.

Special Events

Patriots Day Parade, Earth Hour, Earth Day Celebration, PARK(ing) Day, Harvest Celebration.